Wherever you put your attention, those things will flourish.
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Thoughts in My Head: May 6


Thoughts jumped in my head could this be all wrong
Could I be headed down a road that would let me down all along
One person told me one thing and another different things
Leaves me wondering how to interpret things when my heart sings
My heart says keep pushing forward and see the result

today was better/strong


May 6th

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Thoughts in My Head: May 5


Have no clue where my head is at my mind is out of control
It’s like a train off its tracks I’m simply trying to get a hold
On what is going on and what all the signs mean
Probably over analyzing some of the smallest things
One thing could mean this but then again it may mean nothing

Thoughts in My Head: May 4


I really can’t read you because you’re hard to decipher
Everything inside me is saying tell her you like her
It’s hard to hold back because it’s how I truly feel
Hopefully I want get shortchanged at the end of this deal
I don’t know where I’m heading but I know one thing
It’d be great…

Thoughts in My Head: May 3


Quite a day it was but under the radar really
Filled with catching some rays and more fun than I should be
Having with people who I would never even talk to
But now I know great people all over tenaya and I know you
It’s crazy how every day blends directly with the next
Even when I wake…

Thoughts in My Head: May 2


I didn’t swing my parter all around

But tonight sent my head spinning round and round
Thoughts popping all in like expired balloons
Coming from places once hidden like cocoons
It’s gotten harder to mask what the truth seems to be
Day in and day out you’re meaning more to me
Trying to…
Thoughts in My Head: May 1


The first of May such a beautiful day

Take a look at the beauty hidden in all different ways
Can’t recall what occurred but I know one thing is for sure
I’m happier every day that we are cos yes more and more
You’re a joy to be around because you’re kind as can be
Such an amazing person…
Thoughts in My Head: April 30


Been a week exactly my gosh time flew
Since this thing popped off between me and you
We’ve been to the edges of Poly to the verge of death
We’ve been from running to need to catch our breath
The whole time I’ve learned about you but not quite enough
I need to be able to cheer you up when…